The To Do List

Discussions around the dinner table are sure to turn to New Year speculation, as we begin to consider 2020 and what lies ahead. Many of us will be trying not to think of New Year Resolutions, otherwise known as the list of things to do, that never gets done!

So in 2020, just what are you going to aim for? And what can you do to try to actually complete something you set out to do?

Any good set of resolutions should be spread across various disciplines, in my view. 

Let’s start with Health.

Pick something you are resolved to accomplish in 2020 which will in some way contribute to your better health. Be sure not to over-promise here and under deliver, by choosing something achievable and not too much of a stretch. For instance, don’t resolve to do a marathon if you haven’t run in 20 years. This will likely achieve the exact opposite of good health over the short term, but if you’re committed to short term goals perhaps come and talk to us first about health insurance!

Here’s some ideas:

  • Pick a distance and then sign up to a race over that distance.
  • Promise to take part in 5 Parkruns over the next 6 months. They are completely free, run by volunteers and take place in major towns throughout New Zealand.
  • Buy a skipping rope, and commit to a little skipping. It’s an amazing form of exercise, improving both health and coordination. 
  • Walk the dog more often or commit to a 15-minute walk more than once a week – a walk for the pleasure of walking, not a walk to get somewhere or do something. 

And what about a little Wealth.

Most people wish they had a little more money each week or month. Short of pleading with the boss on hands and knees for a payrise, how about looking at ways to reduce your expenditure. The end result is the same – a little more money in the pot to spend on other things.

Take a look at your expenses and consider where you might be able to make some savings – nothing too austere – life’s for living, right? But could you eat meat one dinner less a week? Could you perhaps make your pack lunch rather than buy it a couple of times a week?

And a sprinkle of happiness.

Perhaps of all the things you resolve to be in 2020, it should be happier. Commit to spreading a little joy, invest in your own happiness and feel a whole lot better about yourself and the world we live in. It’s easy to be over-influenced by social media and think the world is falling apart or that everyone else is living a better life than you. 

Give up a little of your time to help others. Volunteer your skills or services, and I promise, you will feel better for it. Take time out this Christmas to think about how lucky you are and write down all the good things in your life. Even if the list is short, writing them down will focus your mind on appreciating them.

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