Is My Family Protected For The Unexpected?

This year has taught us that life is full of surprises, and not all of them are welcome.

With thousands of people around the world experiencing job losses, income reductions, and severe health problems, COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of preparing for the unexpected.

So what are the key things to put in place to ensure your family’s financial security?


Protect Your Wealth

Imagine the fear and stress you would feel if you or your partner’s source of income stopped unexpectedly. An accident, illness, or extended period of unemployment can really throw a spanner in the works in terms of your family finances. What would your family do without any income?

That’s why insurance is so important for protecting your wealth against disaster. From ACC cover and income protection to critical illness and trauma insurance – all offer financial peace of mind during dark days. And although we don’t want to think about it, if those days get even darker, life-insurance and an up-to-date will can help your loved ones with any financial stresses after you’re gone.

Even setting small financial goals for your family such as saving, paying off debts, or simply watching your spending over time can all help make a big difference to your family’s future.


Saving goals


Protect Your Health

This years pandemic has forced focus on our health and the reality of what could happen if our loved ones became seriously ill. With medical insurance, you will be safe in the knowledge that you can get the treatment you need, when you need it. It provides the benefit of choice in when and where you receive your treatment, avoiding time on long waiting lists in the public system and thus minimising the time you may need off work.

Ultimately, the quicker you’re back to full health and back with your family, the better.


Protect Your Assets

We all need a roof over our heads, so what would happen if you or your partner suffered an unexpected death and left your family financially unable to pay off your mortgage? Or if a fire or flood caused significant damage? Consider home insurance or mortgage protection to protect your house alongside other significant assets such as your vehicles or other hard-earned possessions. If it’s important for your family, it needs protection.


Protect Your Future

Preparing for the worst takes effort and we know “getting around to it” can be difficult. Consider your budget, buy the insurance you can afford, and seek advice from professionals who can help get your head around the numbers.

We at Financial Design Group are here to help you on your journey to financial security. Take our quick quiz to identify any key areas you may need assistance with, contact us, or even book a free, no-obligation discovery session to discuss the goals specific to you and your family.

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