10 New Year Resolutions That Should Be On Every Parents List

Goodbye 2020, and good riddance!

In the light of a very stressful year, there’s never been a more perfect time to set resolutions in your household to ensure that 2021 is better. Better for your family, your finances and your futures.

Here are some ideas to help make the most of the upcoming year, no matter what it throws at you:

1. Build an Emergency Fund
2020 has definitely proven that we must always expect the unexpected. Building an emergency fund helps your family battle unforeseen financial disasters. Squirrel away some savings by setting up an automatic transfer into a seperate account each month, in addition to ensuring sufficient insurance that covers your home, your health and your possessions.


2. Set Life Goals
Having something to aim for is a great incentive to keep your finances in order. Maybe you’re looking for a new house, or extending your family. Many important life goals often need financial backing to complete, so look at what is important to you and the steps needed to get there.


3. Less Time on Devices
Put. Them. Down. It’s no secret that the human addiction to electronic devices is spiraling, so make a rule of no screens at mealtimes, or limit screen time on a daily or weekly basis. This makes room for vital unplugged family time and a bit of all-important eye-contact. Connect by disconnecting.


4. Healthier Eating
As parents, we all want to instill healthy habits that will remain with our children into adulthood. But that is easier said than done! Consider starting with small steps such as swapping one unhealthy habit with a healthier one. Can the kids cut down on the lollies and eat a piece of fruit each lunchtime instead? Don’t stop things you all enjoy completely, just put limits on fast food or take outs by reserving them for special occasions. Make the cheat days taste even better.


5. Exercise Together
We’re not talking about dragging the whole family to a gruelling gym session – when it comes to kids the key is to make exercise fun! Set up a family workout on the deck by blasting out favourite motivational tunes, or simply take a long walk together after school. Not only are you encouraging healthy habits, but it’s another way to spend quality time together too.


6. Start and Stick to a Budget
There’s no escaping it, if you want to save money you need to budget! Tracking your expenditure as a family will highlight any vices that need to be broken and give you a clear idea of how you’re really spending your money. Trust us, you’d be amazed how small changes can lead to big savings.


7. Go Greener
More important now than ever. Even if your family are already recycling, there’s probably still more you can do to help the planet. Start small by investing in reusable water bottles, or by cutting out meat from your dinner a few days a week. Reduce, reuse, compost, and most importantly educate your children on the importance of sustainability and looking after our world. Every little helps.


8. Splurge (Occasionally!)
Once you’re covered in terms of budget and savings don’t forget to treat yourself to something fun once in a while! Life is for living and we all deserve to treat ourselves now and again. To splurge in a smart way look for vouchers or discount codes to help save some money on entertainment or outings with the whole family.


9. Discuss Finances as a Family
Children learn how to manage money through their parents, so make it a priority to talk about finances this year. Teaching kids that money matters and it doesn’t grow on trees results in future adults who are educated, savings-savvy and careful with their finances.


10. Prioritise Family Time Together
With modern lives busier than ever (and our kids’ social lives often surpassing our own!) it’s getting harder to ensure time with the whole family. Schedule regular events together like snuggling up on the couch to watch movies every Tuesday night, having a weekend board game session, or simply going on an “adventure”. Many of our best childhood memories take place outdoors – so go on a hike or a camping trip and start making those ever-lasting memories for your kids.


Whatever your resolutions for the new year, make sure they benefit both your family and your finances. Contact our friendly team to make sure you’re on the path to financial security in 2021.

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